Faucet Flow Control


What would happen if I completely opened up the faucet on the sink?


If I open the faucet on the sink then more water will come out.


  • Stopwatch
  • 2 Sinks
  • Faucet with running water
  • 2 cups


2 sinks, Sink A will have a constant flow of water and sink B will have the faucet increasingly opened up after every turn.


The experiment details require the 2 sinks to have the same amount of water flowing from the faucets into cups of equal size. The stopwatch will be measuring the time it takes for the cups to be filled up. After the cups are filled up each time, they will be emptied and sink B will have it's faucet opened up slightly more and then the time will be measured again.
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The conclusion is that the water did in fact increase flow as the faucet was opened up more. The data shows the 800ml cups being filled at a constant 50 seconds by sink A and after every turn, sink B was opened up slightly more and the time it took dropped 20 seconds to fill up the same cup, and once it was opened up even more, it took a whole 40 seconds faster to fill up the 800ml cups compared to the constant of sink A. The data supports the hypothesis and does not need any further investigation.