How to Ace All Your Tests

Hewra Almusawi

Pay Attention In Class

Paying attention to the teacher will improve your understanding and you can ask questions you may have during the lesson. You may also find that your teacher addresses certain test answers, so pay attention!

Study Well For The Test

Do not wait until the last minute. If you hold off until the night before or, even worse, that morning, you are less likely to remember because of stress. Start studying when you find out about the test, or the week of the test.

Study with A Friend

Get a friend, family member, or even your girl or boyfriend to quiz you. Talking to someone else helps you remember all the information. However, remember not to choose a friend who will goof around instead of studying!


If you stress a whole lot about a test, it makes your body uptight and your brain less functional. So do something relaxing before you go to bed the night before the test.

During the Test...

Read the questions carefully

Read the questions at least twice, in case you missed something before. Underline the keywords in the question. Don't rush, but don't spend 10 min. on each question.

Use Logic When Answering Question

Usually one or two of the question choices are clearly wrong, so take those away. Now you should have two answers, creating a bigger chance of you getting it right. Now go over everything and find the best answer out of the two. The key to multiple choice isn't thinking "Which one is right?" but instead "Which of these are not right?" and eliminating answers until you have only one left.

Review Your Answers When You Are Done

A final look through is a good time to catch any obvious mistakes you might have made and you might remember something more to add to a question as well. Double-checking your work is always a good idea.