E-waste Collection

Recycling e-waste

Why are we collecting E-waste

We are collecting E-waste to recycle them and we can also fix them for you.We are recycling E-waste because we want to help the planet be healthy and not get trashed with E-waste things.If you would like to drop your own E-waste you can drop it off at the library or in Ms.Murphy`s classroom, rm.20. The E-waste that are donated are going to be used as classroom materials to learn about it. Things that we will accept are:cables,laptops,desktops,phones,tablets,small tvs,and printers. Also if any of these are water damaged we will accept them too.We will not accept other things that are not in this list.We hope you donate E-waste materials and cooperate and help us get a ton of donated E-waste.

E-waste video

This video will tell you a little more information of why we are doing this. And why is it important for us to recycle E-waste.
Electronic Waste Video for Kids
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Mouse squad

Mouse squad is a class group of students that are planning to collect E-waste for them to use for any of their big project.We also work hard to plan things for us to do and plan other big projects.