Catching Up in Kindergarten

September 14 - 21



  • Question of the Week: How do children work and play together?
  • Sight Words: I, am
  • Amazing Words: Cooperation, creation, float, guide, preparation, proud

We have also started talking about the characters and setting of a story. In our small group stations we will focus on syllables, rhyming, and beginning sounds.


We have been working really hard on correct number formation and identifying numbers. Students recite number poems in order to help them remember the correct way to write it. Ask your child what their favorite number poem is!

Science/ Social Studies

We continue to review classroom and building expectations. Our class has been doing an amazing job using cooperation skills to earn whole class tickets. We have celebrated our whole class tickets with a movie party. Students bought items from the school store with their personal tickets.

* Be respectful, responsible, safe, and a learner! *

Pumpkin Path Field Trip

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 8:45am

1791 North 1500 Road

Lawrence, KS

PTO Movie Night

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 6pm

East Heights Elementary School, Lawrence, KS, United States

Lawrence, KS