Helen of Troy

By Vy and Wendy


Helen of Troy was famous for the Trojan war and one of the most dramatic love stories of all time. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leda and was married to Menelaus, The King of Sparta, which is why Helen is also known as Helen of Sparta. She was also known as the face that launched a thousand ships.

Impacts by Helen of Troy and the Impact of The Trojan War on the Society

Helen of Troy was kidnapped by Paris from her husband, the King of Sparta which was how the Trojan War began, the battle of Helen of Troy. She was the face that launched a thousand ships and the reason that a war went on for ten years. The search for Helen was proved to be a difficult task but however, the first ship arrived in Mysia. Herodotus stated that they believed Helen was under siege by the Teuthranians but they were incorrect and consequently returned with heavy casulties. The Greeks realized that Troy was being supplied by neighbouring kingdoms which caused them to send an army of Greeks there to defeat them.

There was casualties of 328 officers, and 26 unnamed. Ares and Aphrodite were wounded seriouisly but couldn't die. Gods and Goddesses that were involved in the war had restrictions to which they couldn't kill others themselves.