Social Commentary

Jenna Lund Period 9

Social Commentary

Using rhetorical answers to aware an issue in a society.


Issues involving the Society must be debated, in order for anything to be resolved. Social critics improves the society, and everyone's opinion. Everyone's opinion helps inform the under-educated on events that must be known and debated on. Social commentary will/may cause many controversy, but it helps resolving an issue.

Example of Social Commentary: Donald Trump

There is so many controversy between the ballet of Donald Trump. There are many citizens that disapprove and disagree with Trumps ideas, the most famous disagreed idea was the wall. In many of his rallies there have been "small talk" of people hating on his ideas, which causes many tension and arguments. Many of these arguments are not physically, but more face to face on whether or not he should be president.

This links is one of the first links to come up when you search Donald's Trumps rallies. This link shows how many people change a calm rally into an opinionated discussion.

Example of Social Commentary: Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn depicts religion as a hypocritical topic, which is why Huck does not believe in going to church, and being associated with his religion. Even though there are people around Huck who are strongly involved in their religion, like Widow Douglass. She would continuously read him religious books, which first intrigued him, but in the end he still did not want to be associated with his religion. The reason why Huck no longer was interested by his religious was because Widow Douglass told him that Moses has been dead for a while, when he then said " I didn't care no more about him, because I don't take no stock in dead people". He doesn't think that he should waste his time talking and reading about people that have been dead for a long time, when he could be "living in the now" and focusing on the living people. Even though Huck wasn't concerned about Moses he still had questions, like the difference between Heaven and Hell. He asked on whether she thought Tom Sawyer would go to Heaven or Hell. "...glad about that, because I wanted him and me to be together". Which told Huck that he would go to Heaven along with Widow Douglass. As Huckleberry Finn depicts religion as a hypocritical topic Widow Douglass tries to bring Huck's religion back to him, but he cannot find it interesting enough.
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Social Commentary: WALL- E

The movie WALL-E is a great example of social commentary. The movie shows how taking care of the environment is very important. Along with that New York's David Edelstein calls it "one for the ages, a masterpiece to be savored before or after the end of the world". Wall-E tells us that if we don't change the way we live, we will all get really fat and destroy the world. "Obese, infantile consumers who spend their days immobile in hovering lounge chairs, staring at ads on computer screens- in other words, Americans. On the movie a business takes over the world, which causes everyone to leave, and after 700 years humans have grown too bloated to walk and too lazy to think. The movie plays off an analogy between obesity and ecological catastrophe, pushing the notion that Western culture has sickened our bodies and our planet with the same disease of affluence. Which is why the movie Wall-E is an example of social commentary.
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