By Nick Alfano And Bo DeFalco


Spartans were great fighters. They trained in education, they had a structure in government, and they had wars in 431-404 B.C.E with Sparta. Sparta was known for fighting, and creating strong warriors since 7 years old. Sparta was most important to ancient Greece because of its education, structure in government, and wars with Athens.
Nick and Bo Social Studies
Nick and Bo Social Studies 2


All in all because of its education, structure of government, and wars with Athens, Sparta was the most important city-state to ancient Greece. In their education, they had a solid way to produce what they wanted which are warriors. The government in Sparta was the best in the eyes of most famous philosophers including Aristotle. Finally, in the wars of 431-404 B.C.E they won taking down Athens. These all show that Sparta is the best city-state. In conclusion with all the evidence presented Sparta is absolutely the best city-state in all of Greece.