God of the Underworld

Interesting Facts

-son of Cronos and Rhea

-full brother of Zeus, Poseidon,Hera, and Demeter; and lord of the dead

-Hades gets called “unmerciful” he is the most hated god for mankind

-his wife is Persephone (his niece)

-Hades kidnapped Persephone to be his queen in the underworld

-Hades made Persephone's heart harder because her duty was to forbid the dead soles from leaving

-He also God of the Earth and provider of the gifts of the Earth; fertility, life, and cyclic order

-Hades slowly became somber and fearsome

-Hades is also the name of the land of the dead
-In the Lliad Hades is directly under the Earth

-In the odyssey Hades can be reached by ship at western edge of the world beyond the ocean

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