The Greatest City in the World

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Amazing Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most amazing city in the world. If you want an unforgettable vacation, you need to go there. Amsterdam is the perfect vacation because it has so many historical places to visit, the weather is amazing and people cycle everywhere.

Amsterdam is a great city because of all the historical things you can do. You can visit the Van Gogh art museum and see great works of art like ‘Starry Starry Night’. Another historical choice is touring the Anne Frank house. Oprah Winfrey recently visited the Anne Frank House and said that it was incredibly emotional, but essential.

The weather in Amsterdam is perfect. Research shows that visiting a city with moderate weather ensures a good trip. Amsterdam rarely has snow. Wouldn’t you like to walk along the canals in a light coat in the middle of winter?

Finally, there is the cycling. If you are a bike enthusiast you will not want to miss this great city. More people bike per capita in Amsterdam than in any other city! During the winter months you can rent a bike for half price.

As you can see, Amsterdam is a world class city with so much to do that you will never get bored. I encourage you to come and experience this gem of Europe. You will not be sorry!

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