S'mores Genetics

By: Holly.F n Faith.M

Study of Genetics

The branch of biology that studys hereity.

Who discovered heredity and how???

Gregory Mendel discovered heredity. He studied pea plants for his genetic trait discovery, he used peas because they grow faster allowing him to see the resaults quickly.

Contrasting terms

Dominate Alleles v. Recessive Alleles

Dominate Alleles are traits that mask, n are represented by capital letters, where as recessive alleles are traits that get masked, n are represented by lower case letters.Dominate alleles are always written first then the recessive alleles.

Heterozygous v. Homozygous

Heterozgyous are alleles that are different, n are represented with one capital letter n one lower case letter. Homozygous are alleles that are the same, n are represented as either two capital letters or two lower case letters.

Genotype v. Phenotype

Genotype are the alleles letters ( ex: Tt,tt,TT) n phenotype is what the allele letters stand for ( ex: Tt= short hair  TT= long hair tt=medium hair).

Simple Punnett Square and SuCh....

Punnett Square...

An example of Punnett Square is as followed: GG= small ears   gg=very big ears   Gg= normal ears                                                             So the resault would be that the Genotypes are 25% GG, 50% Gg, and 25% gg.The Phenotypes are 25% small ears, 50% normal ears and 25% very big ears.

Multiple Alleles

Multiple alleles are an inheritance pattern in which traits are controlled by more than two alleles.