Jacob's Rescue.

a Holocost story

Jacob, Alex and Mela Roslan.

Jacob was a jew who was taken in by Alex and Mela Roslan. Jacob and his younger brother david hide in their apartment. Alex and Mela Roslan risk their lives to help Jacob survive. Jacob has to stay in the apartment.

Jacob's Rescue

The book takes place during world war 2 when the germans were sending a lot of the jewish population into ghettos and concentration camps. Jacob was jewish so his life was in danger.If jacob was found by the germans they would kill him. Jacob's aunt had Alex take him in. Alex risked his life to get jacob and his children food.

Righteous Among Nations Award.

The Roslans earned this awarded because they saved Jacob's life. If it wasn't for them Jacob may not be alive today.They hid him in their apartment. Risked their lives to protect him.They changed hig name to Genyek.


He lost everything. The quote means that he doen't have anything left. he lost everything that belonged to him. He lost his house family etc. The Germans didn't care that he lost everything. They thougt it was right.


The book tells you about how bad it was during the holocost. How dangerous it was for everyone in europe during these times. In the years of the holocost many people took in jewish children even though they weren't jewish. Jacob was one of thouse children. He had to hide inside with Alex and Mela.