Genetically Modified Animals

How GM animals are beneficial towards society

Genetically modified animals are beneficial to society.

  • Food from animals can have more vitamins and nutrients within them.

  • Part of our daily diet, even if we don’t know it

  • No known health issues have been found.

Genetically modified animals can lead to new research studies and breakthroughs in understanding genetics.

  • Mice are some of the most tested animals for genetic modified animals.
  • Knockout Mice is a mouse with a particular set of genes to help with research

  • Trans Genetics Inc. assets has produced over 1,000 knockout mice that have lead to new breakthroughs in genetics.

Animals have been modified to produce proteins in order to make certain medicines.

  • Cattle

  • Sheep

  • Goats

  • Chicken

  • Rabbits

  • Pigs

  • Organ transplants are believed to be able to improve with genetically modified animals

  • Scientists have been working on removing the allergen gene from cats to make them non-allergenic.

There are many kinds of genetically modified animals that can benefit people.

Evidence I found that helps answer my question (use bulleted points):

GE animals can be used for medical reasons

  • Milk produced by the GE animal can be used for pharmaceuticals.

  • Can be used for scarce cells

  • Could be used for needed tissue

  • Could be used for organ transplant into humans

Animals that consumers want for food can be modified to be safer and healthier.

  • Animals can be modified to be disease resistant.

  • Could be modified to improve nutritional growth

GE animals are intended to improve modern biotechnology.

  • Can be used for producing medicines

  • Could be used to make the animal grow faster to produce more food.

Genetically modified animals positive traits.

  • Cows are modified to produce important drugs in their milk.

  • Growth hormones are added to make the animal produce more and for people to profit from it

  • GMO pharmaceuticals can help prevent health problems or diseases.

    • Insulin for diabetes

    • Interferon for cancer

GMO’s can benefit the environment.

  • Resisting pesticide

  • Improving nutritional value

  • Remove pollutants from certain areas.


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