Why I Support Pawsibilities

Nicole Hatchett

What is Pawsibilities?

Pawsibilities is a animal shelter for abused, neglected, and abandoned animals of Summit County. They provide a safe place for the animals in a welcoming environment.

How can you donate?

You can donate to the shelter in multiple ways including, donating toys, money, or even your time. Pawsibilities also hosts multiple fundraising events of their own.

Where does your money go?

The breakdown of where your donation goes-80.7% goes towards care of the animals, 13.3% goes to fundraising events, and 6% goes to administrative costs.

Why I donate

My family donates to pawsibilities because we love animals and both my dogs are rescues. Also, the shelter is for dogs who were abused or neglected and my one dog was abused before we rescued her.

Why should you donate?

Pawsibilities only takes in animals that have been in bad situations. Sadly, the majority of animal shelters are consistently full or near capacity with loving animals that need forever homes. Shelters like this help the animal abuse rates go down by bringing the animals out of the situation before they get hurt. When you donate you can help get new cages, food, etc for the animals.

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