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Endeavour Elementary - Week 3

Time Flies?

It seems strange that we are already on week 3 of our stay at home. Time seems to be moving both really slowly and quickly all at the same time! We hope everyone is healthy and safe at home and we hope to see students soon! Please enjoy your third newsletter from the Specialist team at Endeavour - PE, Music and Library.

PE Update - Mrs. Skogstad and Mrs. Marsh

Happy April & Week 3 of Fitness at home from your friendly PE teachers. You can find all links/resources to keep staying active on our connect websites. Mrs. Marsh’s PE connect site/Mrs. Skogstad’s PE connect site

Don’t forget if you have finished your MARCH fitness calendar please (Grades K-2) email Mrs. Marsh & (Grades 3-5) email Mrs. Skogstad a picture of your finished calendar. We love seeing what students share!

Start APRIL out with doing 2-3 activities a day with April Fitness Calendar

Grades K-2: APRIL Monthly Fitness Calendar

Grades 3-5: APRIL Monthly Fitness Calendar

Grades K-5: Skill of the Week: SOCCER: Check out soccer skills with Mrs. Marsh. & Mrs. Skogstad

Grades 3-5: ISD curriculum: Focused Fitness-

1. Muscular Endurance Squat Video challenge (3:30)

2. Challenge yourself to Do the PACER & Push-up test at home with this actual cadence.

*Also try another week of: Goal Check-in Challenge: A quick way to work on fitness at home. Remember these are great ways to work on the goals you made in PE a few months back. Print out the challenge & challenge yourself to work on your personal fitness goals (if you do not remember your goals, make new ones). If you did this last week, challenge yourself to beat or maintain your scores/time.

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Music Update - Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Caulton

Week 3 Music with Mrs. Murphy

One week left until Spring Break! This week we will be exploring the traditional music of Japan through fun enrichment activities. Japanese music focuses on the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds to convey emotional ideas, often reflecting nature through words or soundscapes.

We will also see and explore some traditional Japanese instruments. Traditional Japanese musical instruments include musical instruments used in the folk music of Japan. They include a range of string, wind, and percussion instruments.

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To find this week’s materials, click on Mrs. Murphy’s Website, find your grade level, and scroll down!

Don’t forget, if you finish this week’s activities and want to keep exploring music, you can find many more enrichment activities for all grades on my website. This week I have updated my website with “unplugged” activities that can be done without the use of technology! You can also login to Quaver through Clever to access the Student Portal and explore countless music related games, compositions, and activities!

Week 3 Music with Ms. Caulton

Greetings Endeavour 2nd and 4th grade musicians: You are missed!

Theme for the week of April 6th:

DURATION, or, how long is that note going to last?


· A greeting from two very sleepy puppies (mine!)

· Quaver videos – wacky of course

· Can you act out durations faster than a speeding train? Probably not! But you just might be able to beat Quaver’s barbershop quartet. Send me a video!

· Dance to a Latin groove and compose your own dance music

  • Choose from rock, country, hip-hop, blues & jazz tracks in QGroovesLite

· A video interface for you to communicate with ME

  • Show off your singing, performing, acting or drawing skills. Or just say hi!


· 2nd: Favorite songs: “Blast off” and “Disco sensation”

· 4th: New animated recorder songs and some you know (pizza in the car, anyone?)

  • Recorder Karate is ongoing – send videos! Belts when we return


Go to Quavermusic via Clever. Click on Assignments from the dashboard.


a. 2nd graders: 2nd_week3

b. 4th graders: 4th_week3

Confused? Instructions on my website: https://ginacaulton.wixsite.com/elementary-music

Check out last week’s activities if you missed them – learn to do the Samba, (4th), compose a pentatonic melody, (2nd), and much more.

QUESTIONS/REQUESTS? https://ginacaulton.wixsite.com/elementary-music/contact

Library Update - Mrs. Skosky

Week 3 Focus - Illustrations!

Drawing is a favorite past time for many students at the Endeavour Library. After students check out, they often have time to draw and many do! Drawing can be a great activity to do when stuck inside. Highlighted below are some of my favorites (many of these I have done with my daughters at home too!). I have separated out by grade levels, but many students might be interested in most of these!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade - Mo Willems!

Most of my students know that Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors of all time. He is the writer/illustrator of the popular Elephant and Piggie series and the Pigeon series among many others. Mo has started a YouTube series in conjunction with the Kennedy Center called "Lunch Doodles with Mo!". He has created a video for EVERY DAY that we have been home so far.
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2nd Grade - Dav Pilkey at Home

Dav Pilkey is the author/illustrator of the famous (maybe infamous for you!) Captain Underpants series and the graphic novel series Dog Man. He has partnered with the Library of Congress and Scholastic to bring students into his studio. His show will be streamed every Friday starting April 3rd and will include drawing tips and read-alouds from his books.
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3rd Grade - Scott Magoon Studo Storytime

3rd Graders may remember Skyping last year with author/illustrator Scott Magoon. He read his book Linus: The Little Yellow Pencil and demonstrated to students how he draws on his computer. He has started a weekly storytime where he reads a book, demonstrates how to draw a character and answers questions. This is a favorite at my house right now (look for my daughters at the end of episode 3 with their whale pictures!) Scott posts new episodes every Wednesday.
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4th Grade and 5th Grade

I have two resources for 4th and 5th grade. The first is "Draw Every Day with JJK". Jarrett J. Krosoczka is the author/illustrator of the popular "Lunch Lady" series and "Jedi Academy". JJK is posting a video every day about drawing and his inspirations.

The second video series is one I just heard about so wanted to pass along. The "I Survived" series is a popular one in the library so I wanted to let you know that "I Survived" author Lauren Tarshis is reading aloud one of her books, "I Survived: The Sinking of the Titanic".


Draw Every Day with JJK: ep. 1 - Intro
Author Lauren Tarshis reads I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912, chapters 1 & 2

Thanks for Reading!