Campfield Family Newsletter

March 2023

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From our Principal

Dear Campfield Families,

March…..In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb! It seems February passed by in the blink of an eye, and I, for one, am looking forward to sunshine and brighter days!

This past month, our Kindergarten students completed MAP testing for the first time. They did a great job and preserved through the assessment.

Dressing your child for school this month can be challenging especially when we start our day in the 30s and by the end of the day, we are in the 50/60s. Please consider having them wear layers. The building is still in heating mode so it can get warm in the classrooms.

We hope you can join us for our Math-Steam night on March 15th. Please fill out and return the bottom portion of the flyer that was sent home or there is also a link to sign up in this newsletter.

Take care,



3/15 Food Pantry

3/15 Campfield Math and Steam Night (Signup below)

3/17 Half-Day- No PM Pre-school or Pre-k

3/24 Half-Day- No PM Pre-school or Pre-k

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School Counselor-Mrs. Galvin

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Hello Campfield Families!


I am excited to continue to teach social skill guidance lessons in kindergarten, pre-k, and preschool classrooms throughout this school year! It has been so much fun reading stories, singing songs, and doing other activities with the students related to social-emotional learning. The students’ enthusiasm and happiness bring joy to my heart! If you have any questions about classroom lessons or something else, please reach out at 443-809-1265 or email me at, I am here to help & support in any way I can😊

Kindergarten Parents: Health Lessons regarding “Personal Safety” are going well in the kindergarten classes! Teachers and I are talking with students about using the “Check In” strategy to help keep themselves safe. Students are talking about the trusted adults in their lives and who they will talk to if they feel unsafe and upset, scared, nervous, or worried about something. Letters went home with students explaining these important lessons. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Parents will be receiving another informational letter at the end of our “Personal Safety” unit. Thanks so much for your support!

I will also be doing some MINDFULNESS activities with kindergarten students in March. These activities will help self-regulate their feelings and help them manage strong emotions when needed. Furthermore, I will continue to send home all guidance lesson activities as the school year continues.

Prekindergarten/Pre-School Parents: I plan to continue teaching about feelings, empathy, and kindness in the pre-school and prekindergarten classrooms. I will send guidance activities and a parent letter home with students when lessons are completed.

Students are learning about the IMPORTANT VALUE of AMBITION.

Check out these wonderful children’s books about AMBITION & PERSEVERANCE:

CARE Liaison


My name is Jessica Miranda and I am Campfield's CARE Liaison!

Please plan on attending our once a month family workshops!

We do family events, workshops and information sessions for parents!

We have a lending library with books, games, art supplies, puzzles, etc. that families can borrow to use at home to support their child’s learning. Please contact me if you would like to borrow something. Please let me know if I can help in any way. I am here for you! I have access to many resources available in our community.

Campfield's family involvement goals are:

• To educate parents on the important role they play in assisting in their child’s education.

• To encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s education at school.

• To communicate with parents as full partners in their child’s education.

• To provide parents with opportunities, skills and tools to help them engage in meaningful parent-child learning activities.

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Campfield Kindness Tree

Do you have a compliment for your child's teacher or a staff member? Parents/Caregivers can now fill out hearts to add to our Kindness Tree in the main lobby. See the ladies in the main office for a heart to fill out!
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March Family Project!

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**You can borrow these learning games from the lending closet! Email me at to check out items! **

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February Family Project


For the month of March, I will be spending time in your child's classroom talking about feelings and what makes you special! Below is the book we will be reading, some pictures of students completing the "Things I love about me activity" and a Social/Emotional at Home sheet with some helpful tips to practice at home!

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Campfield ELC Facebook Page

Please click here to follow our school Facebook page for important updates.

Family Events and Resources in Baltimore!

Thank you to all the Campfield families for participating in our monthly family projects!

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School Nurse Notes

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Math Corner with Mrs. Pippen

Subitizing is the ability to identify how many are in a set without counting them. For example, when you roll dice and see the dots, we are taught to identify how many without having to count the dots. This is a great skill to teach our youngest learners here at Campfield. Students in Pre-K are taught to instantly recognize the quantity of dots on dice up to 5. Kindergarten students are taught to instantly recognize the amount of dots on a tens-frame with up to 10 dots. Unfamiliar dot arrangements are also used to help students recognize amounts in an unfamiliar display. Other examples of subitizing are using tally marks, fingers, and dominoes. Next time you are playing a game that uses dice, see if your child can identify “how many” without counting the dots!

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Reading Corner with Mrs. Payne

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