By: Cole Robinson

Slovenia is not a founder of the EU and joined the EU in 2004.

History so slovenia

The country was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Slovenia joined the Serbs and Croats in forming a new empire multinational state in 1918. After WW 2, Slovenia became a republic of renewed Yugoslavia.

Slovenia location

It's bordered by Italy,Austria,Hungary,and Croatia. Slovenia is near the Mediterranean sea. Slovenias cuisin is strongly influenced by there surrounding country.

Slovenia Flag

White,blue,and red derive from medieval coat of arms. The shield image has the highest peak mountain in Slovenia, two blue wavy lines indicate rivers and seas, and stars in a triangle shape are taken from medieval coat of arms.
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Capital and Major Cities


Slovenia has famous caves at postojna. Also they could go see the predjama castle, a large fortress castle built into a huge hillside cave.

Physical Features of Slovenia

Bordered by Italy,Austria,Croatia,and Hungary. Mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateau and valleys. Population 1,988,292.

Government Type

Parliamentary republic which means they operate under parliamentary system where the executive branch serves its legitimacy.

What type of currency do they use

Before they joined the EU they used tolar, but now they use the EURO.
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3 interesting facts

- Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe

- Has one of the largest brown bear population in Europe

- Is one of the richest country in Europe water wise