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Background Information


Major Cities:Speightstown,Bathsheba,Holetown,The Crane

Barbados was controlled by the UK and gained its independence on November 30,1966.

Their official language is English.

The flag has 3 vertical panels (blu,yellow,blue),and a black broken Trident in the middle of the flag.

Geographical,Political,and Economic Information


My Country is located 13 10N,59 32

Physical Features:Caribbean,island in the North Atlantic Ocean,Northeast of Venezuela.


The type of government in Barbados is Democracy and the leader is Prime Minister Fredundel STUART


Their currency is Barbadian dollars

Some Scenery Photos in Barbados

Tourist Information

Tourist can visit different variety's of Barbadian Cuisine restaurants and also visit the historic city of Bridgetown.

Tourist Information

They have a lot of luxury five star hotels and resorts,beaches and beach activities provided,Caribbean festivals,and nightclubs and bars.

Guaranteed To Have Fun