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Weekly Newsletter - November 3, 2019

November - A Month of Thanks

Gratitude - The Healthiest of Human Emotions

There is evidence that gratitude is an important element to our well-being. Science supports the idea that gratitude is good for us. Research indicates that grateful people experience more optimism, joy, enthusiasm, and other positive emotions, and they have a deeper appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Studies link gratitude to a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, reduced risk of heart disease, and better kidney function. Expressing gratitude makes people feel closer to those they care about. Grateful teens are more satisfied with their lives, more engaged at school, have higher grades, and are less materialistic. But with all of these positive benefits, gratitude is not something that comes naturally. It is a skill that we learn and can practice. November is the perfect month to hone our thankful skills.

So what can we do to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness? Simple practices such as sharing one thing a day that you are grateful for can be done as a family ritual, an on-line post or tweet, or in a personal journal. Just acknowledging all that we have to be thankful for puts the challenges we face in perspective. Tell someone why you are thankful for them. How powerful would it be if each student at LEHS would hear from their parent, a sibling, a friend, a teacher, a counselor, a coach, or administrator how thankful we are for them? This small act could start a huge positive shift in our campus culture and encourage students to stretch for heights they never thought they could reach. Random acts of kindness are also ways to show gratitude to those around us. Helping the custodian take out the trash, offering to stay after school to help the teacher straighten up the classroom, or asking the librarian if she needs help shelving books are all small ways that students can practice giving back and showing their appreciation.

As we begin this month of Thanksgiving, I hope that we all will remember that Thanksgiving is more than a day off and a big meal. Thanksgiving in its purest form is recognizing and acknowledging the people in our lives that make us who we are and making sure they know they make a difference. In the words of Zig Ziglar, "Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you have even more to express gratitude for."

Renee Pentecost


Little Elm High School

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Selecting an Endorsement: Pick your Path, Start Your Future

Graduation requirements for Texas high school students changed beginning with the Class of 2018 and thereafter. The adjustment in graduation plans was the result of a law passed by the Texas Legislature called House Bill 5, which was designed to give students more options to customize their high school learning experiences and ultimately help them transition more easily from high school to college or the workforce. The current graduation plan called The Foundation Plan includes required courses but it also provides students opportunities to personalize their educational experience by providing five endorsements that allow them to explore areas of interest before they reach college or pursue workforce training. Similar to picking a major in college, every LEHS ninth grade student will select an area of study called an endorsement. Students can choose from five endorsement options that focus on specific career pathways – 1) Arts and Humanities, 2) Business and Industry, 3) Public Services, 4) Science and Math or STEM, and 5) Multidisciplinary Studies. Endorsement categories are designed to graduate college and career ready students by providing a link between student interests, learning, and real world applications.

So how do you decide on the Endorsement that best matches your interests? Eighth grade students take a class called Career Investigations. Course activities allow students to discover their strengths and interests and then match their unique strengths and interests with possible careers to explore. LEISD also provides an annual opportunity called Chart Your Course where students and parents can come out see all that LEHS has to offer. Teachers from all of our CTE, World Language, Fine Arts, and Elective programs will be available to discuss their specific offerings to help students find the courses and programs that align with their goals and interests. Additional resources including all Chart Your Course handouts can be found on the College and Career Readiness section of our district website which can be accessed here. The LEHS Counselors will be available at Chart Your Course and throughout the course selection period to help students choose an Endorsement pathway that will personalize their high school learning experience. Our course selection and four year planning process is changing this year. Please see the linked letter below for all the details of course selection for the 20-21 school year. In the words of James Van Praagh, “We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life.”

Course Selection Letter to Parents

Details on the 20-21 Course Selection Process enclosed.

SAVE Application

This form must be turned into House Counselor to request dropping Levels Only at semester.

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Alternate Schedule: November 13 & 14

In preparation for our state End of Course Exams, we are participating in TEA's on-line Interim Assessments. These benchmark assessments will give students the opportunity to practice with authentic STAAR assessments and the results will give teachers important information on what areas students need more help on before the actual tests in the Spring. The Interim Assessments are not full length STAAR exams but they do require more time than our standard 50 minute class period. To complete the exams in one class period, students need 90 minutes. We have used a special block schedule with 4 classes meeting on the first day and the other four classes meeting on the second day to facilitate these exams last year and it was successful. In our current schedule, we have one period (5th) that is already on a block schedule (meets every other day). Please see the bell schedule below that we will use on Wednesday, November 13 (A Day - classes 1, 3, 5A, and 7 will meet) and Thursday, November 14 (B Day - classes 2, 4, 5B, and 6 will meet).

A days odd periods; B days even periods - See bell schedule below.

***Students who have late arrival or early dismissal will need to adjust on these two days.

This schedule allows for extended time (1 hour 45 minutes each period) on a single day. While this extended time will allow EOC courses of English 1, English 2, and Algebra the opportunity to give the Interim Assessment for their course, all other teachers will have the opportunity on these dates to plan other extended time projects needed in their content area. All classes will meet in their regular classrooms.

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Attention All AP Students!

Culture - Spanish Projects

Students in Spanish classes had the opportunity to identify, describe and learn about an important cultural practice Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos). They created ofrendas to honor their loved ones who have departed.

Dia de los muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, extends over the first two days of November and has nothing to do with Halloween. It's an ode to the afterlife and a reminder that death is nothing to be afraid of.The colorful multi-level memorials are built in homes, schools and public places as a tribute to deceased loved ones. The different levels represent the underworld, Earth and heaven. A large photo of the deceased is usually placed at the very top of the altar with papel picado. Sugar skulls, candles, pan de muerto (dead man's bread) and Mexican marigolds are featured throughout the altar. The ofrendas (offerings), as the altars are called, are carefully assembled using many traditional elements, but each of them is unique on its own. They can be personalized with the dead person's favorite food, mementos from their lives and their favorite items. Some altars have books, jewelry, music and clothes on display.

Picture of student project
Picture of student projects

The Monster Project

The Monster Project is the undertaking of a passionate collection of artists who share a common goal: to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential.They invite Elementary students to draw monsters. Once their creations have taken shape, the artists bring them to life in our own artistic styles. Then, when they deliver these new interpretations back to the students in person, they are able to demonstrate new art techniques within their original creative context. They are able to see what their idea sparked in others.

Mrs. Sutherland's Art 1 students have been participating in their own version of The Monster Project. They partnered with Mrs. Thomas art students at Hackberry Elementary who created monsters and then Mrs. Sutherand's Art 1 students are re-imagining these monsters with another piece of art. This has been a great opportunity for both levels of artists to connect and share their creative ideas. You can see some of the products in the pictures below. Well done!

More Monster Projects Below

Mrs. Sutherland's Art 1 students have decided to donate their Art to the Hackberry students who created the original pieces. What a great way for LEHS students to show thanks to their Hackberry partners!
Picture of student projects
Picture of student projects

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast poster

Engineering Students Win Robotics Contest

LEHS students SHINE at BEST Robotics!!! The BEST Robotics competition is a competition where students are given boxes of materials and asked to turn those raw materials into a working robot. The robot must be able to accomplish a scaled down version of a real world engineering problem.

The inspiration for this years problem was taken from the power grid collapse in Puerto Rico. Students had to build a robot that could hang power lines, conduit, and transformers simulated with rope, PVC, and cardboard.

At the Denton County BEST hub Little Elm's TSA club competed making it to the semifinal round and winning the Founder's award for engineering design. The Founder's award is given to the team that makes the best use of the engineering design process or more simply the best design.

Fire Science Students are Learning the Ropes

Fire Science is just one of the many opportunities our students have at Little Elm High School to pursue their career goals. Fire Academy students could be seen this past week practicing proper hose rolling techniques under the close eye of professional fire fighter instructors. If you are interested in this pathway please visit with your House Counselor for more details.

LEHS Marketing and Business Students Visit Pepsico

Industry partnerships ROCK! Students from the LEHS CTE Program recently attended the PepsiCo STEM Accelerator Program in Plano. Students had career conversations with PepsiCo employees, experienced iCode robotics, & explored R&D ideas. This is a favorite learning trip for our students and we thank PepsiCo for hosting each year. Another example of the incredible opportunities we offer at LEISD.

These are some of the PepsiCo Career Accelerator STEM Survey results.

Below are some of the Success and Opportunities:


  • Career Conversations with PepsiCo Employees
  • iCode was a hit! Most feedback was on the robot station
  • Frito-Lay R & D Center (Mainly seeing the production of chips and how chips are preserved with the packaging material
  • Tour of Frito-Lay Garden Center – someone requested to have lunch there!
  • We actually challenged the students to “THINK” !


  • Need more time at stations – again the robot station was the most successful
  • More time with PepsiCo employees discussing Careers and Life at PepsiCo
  • Since these are DECA students – focus more on Marketing and Advertising (or incorporate this into the activities).

Student Reflections on Pepsico Experience

Check out what student's really thought about their time at Pepsico.

Teens and Vaping

We continue to see a rise in the use of vaping by students. This is a national epidemic and there is a lot of information available for parents and students on the harmful effects of this trend. The Child Mind Institute website is full of current information on health related topics for families. Their recent article titled "Teen Vaping: What You Need To Know" gives parents current information on why parents should be concerned and how to talk to teens about vaping.
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Do You Need Some New 19-20 Spirit Wear?-

The Lobo Athletic Booster Club has a new on-line store for your convenience. Click here to order your Lobo Gear on-line.

Also don't forget to download the official Little Elm Lobos App. We hope every Lobo Fan will download the app which allows live streaming, access to online schedules, news, and push notifications for scores for all of your favorite Lobo teams! See graphic below on all that the app has to offer!

Did you know that students who qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program can also receive financial assistance in other areas such as:

  • Reduced device protection fee to use a district issued laptop.
  • Fee waiver to take the SAT and/or ACT for free
  • Dual Credit tuition for free at NCTC
  • AP Exam Test fee reduction

High school students often do not want to participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program is the standard used by many programs to qualify students for financial assistance. Even if a student never uses their eligibility in the lunchroom, they can benefit greatly in other areas if they qualify for the Lunch Program. Eligibility has to be reestablished each year. You can fill out the application here. We highly suggest that all families fill out an application to see if you qualify.

Lobo Band Image

Congratulations to the Lobo Marching Band Teachers of the Week!

Week of October 21-25 Mrs. Rosa

Band Teacher of the Week Marly Rosa

Week of Oct. 28 - Nov. 1 Mr. Leinenkugel

Band Teacher of the Week Mr. Leinenkugel
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November Student Athletic Trainer's of the Month

Students, Parents, Coaches, & Administrators:

Please congratulate the November Student Athletic Trainers of the Month: Genelle Smith, Cadence Hernandez, April Juarez, Michelle McKee, and Ashlyne Smith. SATs cast their votes on Rookie & Veteran Student Athletic Trainers to be recognized. Please read over what their Favorites are about November, Thanksgiving and Fall Scents.

The LESMD-LC (Little Elm Sports Medicine- Leadership Council) coordinates monthly to send out themed questionnaires to the winners of the Student Athletic Trainers of the Month’s votes. This month Senior April Juarez (LESMD-LC 2nd year Rep) designed the questions & presentation for the November winners and did an incredible job! Thank you April!

Thank you Genelle, Cadence, April, Michelle, and Ashlyne for your hard work and commitment to the LE Sports Medicine Program -“The Pack Behind The Pack”!

Coach Cox & Doc Stine

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Time to Order Graduation Products!

The Class of 2020 received information from Balfour on ordering graduation products on Wednesday. Seniors should bring home a brochure with all needed information.
Order your Senior Yearbook Ad
Senior Yearbook Personal Ad Information

Deadline to Submit - December 20, 2019

List of Fall Senior Events

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Prom will be on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at Knotting Hill Place. Stayed tuned for more information.
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Class of 2020 Graduation at UNT

Save the Date:

Thursday, May 21, 2020

10:00 AM

Report Harmful, Harassing, and Bullying Behavior

LEISD has an on-line tool called "Anonymous Alerts" that students, parents, and teachers can use to report harmful, harassing, and bullying type behaviors. Anonymous Alerts bullying reporting mobile app helps combat bullying and other negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressures are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome. Anonymous Alerts encourages students, parents and staff to quickly, easily, and anonymously report bullying, cyber-bullying, gang-related issues, and other sensitive topics through private messages to school officials by building. All reports remain completely anonymous even during a two-way email conversation, although submitters have the option to reveal their identity if they prefer to have a person-to-person discussion.

To send a report from the Web/Internet go to:

To send a report from your phone:

  • Download the Anonymous Alerts® app for free from the Apple Store, Google Play store, and the Chrome store
  • Start the App, enter login: leisd and password: leisd
  • Send important reports to school officials
  • Add a screen shot or photo about the incident
Report Student Concerns banner
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LEHS Traffic Flow Map

19-20 Traffic flow and parking map

19-20 Parking Permit Application

Vist the LEHS Website for all details on student parking.

College Readiness Newsletter

Stephen F. Austin Instant Decision Day

President's Volunteer Service Award Details

Details on how to earn the President's Volunteer Service Award while at LEHS.

Scholarship Opportunities

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Terry Scholarships

The Terry Freshman Scholarship, known as the Terry Traditional Scholarship, is awarded to Texas high school seniors who have been accepted for admission to one of the Terry-affiliated public universities in Texas. This is a prestigious scholarship that seeks to create a community of educated leaders who utilize their talents to strengthen the state of Texas and impact the world.

For more information:

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Achievement
  • Demonstrated Leadership
  • Financial Need

Affiliated Universities

  • The University of Texas- Austin
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Houston
  • Texas State University
  • The University of Texas- Dallas
  • The University of Texas- San Antonio
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of North Texas
  • Texas Woman’s University
  • Texas A&M University- Galveston
  • Sam Houston State University
  • The University of Texas- Arlington
  • The University of Texas- El Paso

Emory Scholars

What kind of student is an Emory Scholar?
At Emory, we believe the criteria for a merit scholarship goes way beyond GPA and test scores. We invest in students who have creative minds, are intellectually curious, and are engaged with their communities and areas of interest.

More than just a merit scholarship
In addition to full tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board, Scholars often enjoy many of these benefits:

  • university grants beyond what is typically available for research, internships, service, and study abroad opportunities
  • additional mentoring and networking opportunities with top-tier faculty connected to the Scholar programs
  • a community of active, engaged Emory Scholars on campus and across the globe

Application deadline

The Emory Scholars application deadline is November 15. But if students are applying Early Decision I and for Emory Scholars, they need to apply by November 1.

Important details

  • Applicants do not need to be nominated by their high school counselor.
  • Selection as an Emory Scholar is nonbinding.
  • There are three paths into the program: Emory Scholars, Oxford Scholars, and Goizueta Scholars.
  • There is no separate application or additional Scholars essay.
  • All students, regardless of citizenship, can be considered.


Scholarship Search Site - Provided by College Board

College Covered

Sign up for e-mails to get helpful college tips and resources, and enter to win a scholarship! Throughout the year, 40 eligible students and parents will be randomly selected to win a $2,500 Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award to help cover college expenses.

While you are there, check out the website College Covered. Do you want to know what you need in a winning college essay, what college entrance test score you need, or what makes a top notch college application? Get what you need to help get into the college of your dreams with the help of College Covered.

Read this article from the about an App that matches students with college scholarships.

An App Matches Students with College Scholarships They Can Use

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LEHS is a testing site for BOTH the ACT and SAT.
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