Avid Semester Exam

Ahmed Ibrahim; 1/13/16; 7th grade

Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are used to reflect from what you learned at school. You take Cornell notes while you are learning. It helped me to study more during test time.


TRF stands for tutorial request form. You use a TRF on tutorial days to help you whenever you don't understand something. You present your problem to your tutorial group and then they help you without telling you the answer.


Every week in Avid, we have a binder check. You need to have your binder organized . there are three types of binder checks. the first one is having all your papers in the rings and you shake it without papers falling out. the second one is just checking to make sure to you have all your supplies. the last one is having your planner filled out.

Writing Skills

In Avid, you write a lot. We write essays and quick writes. It requires you to be able to write and effective at writing. A lot of times, we are writing.

Public Seaking

We do a lot of public speaking in Avid. We present a lot of things like essays, memoirs, and projects. Public speaking is a skill that you need in life and Avid techies you that.

Community Service

We do community service and help people. We went on a field trip to Mission Arlington to help people for Thanksgiving who can't help themselves. We also helped make the food boxes.




The things I can do next semester to continue to grow in these areas is practicing the strategies more. I can take more Cornell Notes. I can also improve my writing skills.