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What entry requirements do you need?

What entry requirements and skills do you need for the police force?

You must be 18 and over to apply for the police force and you must complete a range of tests such as Maths and English and if you do that well you have to do a fitness test to see if you are right for the job. The roles of being in the police force is to serve and protect the public and to promote a safe and equitable workplace, allowing for the professional development.

Police officer

Step 1- The application pack

You need to find out what forces are in the area of the country that you would like to appy for and to work in that are recruiting and ask them for a application pack.

Step 2- The paper sift

When you recieve your application form, fill it out and send it back so that the force you applied for can chack your egibility and mark your competency questions.

Step 3- The asssessment centre

If your application form is good and they want to take you on they will send you material two weeks before you have to attend the assessment centre. At the assessment centre you will be assessed on your written English skills, oral skills, verbal reasoning and your mathematic skills which is called 'Police Initial Recruitment Test' or (PIRT). You will be tested in a number of ways such as role-play, written tests and interveiws. The PIRT is very competetive as 60,000 to 80,000 candidates apply each year for the police force and only 8% being successful, in order to raise your chances you might like to make use of one of the professional companies that provid PIRT training.

Step 4 and 5- The medical and fitness test

Finally you will be asked to attend a medical and fitness test, there are two types of fitness test which both you must pass before you can get appointed, if you are physically fit thiese tests wont be difficult. One of these tests is for your dynamic strength, in this test you will have to perform five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the dyno machine to measure your strength. The other test is for your endurance, you will be asked to run to and from a 15 metre track in time with a series of bleeps, this will increasingly get faster. If you dont pass the first time round you can take the test again, you can only take the test 3 times and if you fail all 3 times your application will be halted and you will not be allowed to reapply for the next six months. As the police are looking for the minimum standard they will give you help to improve your fitness and to prepare yourself properly, so there is no reason for you to fail. once you are appointed you will need to maintain your fitness because you will be regulary assessed during probation.

Skills and qualties

To get into the police force you must have good communication skills, this is important because if you are on patrol and someone runs up to you and tells you about a crime that is being committed, you will have to be good at communicating so that you will be able to get the information accurately. You will also need to have confidence and a calm manner because if you are dealing with a criminal, you have to be confidant because you cant be scared of them and you will have to have a calm manner with them because your not allowed to go mad at the criminal because they said something inappropriate. You must make sure you are fit because if you are chasing a criminal you have to have good endurance so that you don't loose them. Another skill is teamwork, teamwork is very importnant in the police force because police officers work together to achieve organisational objectives and police officers feel camaraderie which is a sence of belonging, the qualities are leadership, combining individual skills, achieving aims and working with others.

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What entry requirements and skills do you need for the army?

You must be 18 and over to apply for this job. To apply for the army you must complete a CV and send it to a website that is applying for army job roles, you then have to reasearch the application and fill out a personal statement, and complete the application, you will get a maths and English test to see if you have met their requirements, if you did then you will have a interview, after that you will have to do a medical test, if the test says that your fine you will go on to do a fitness test. The army has this requirement so you met their standards, it is very important to have a entry requirement because you will need to fulfil your skills as a future job to be successful. The army needs YOU.

Regular Soldier

Step 1- Getting started

Go on, look on the website for the roles that would suit you best and create a online account to fill in the application process. Once your application has been received and your basic eligibility assessed, you will be sent a link to complete a medical questionnaire online.

Step 2- Interveiw

If your medical questionnaire is approved you will be appointed a Candidate support manager (CSM) in the National recruiting centre (NRC). If you really want to join the army you will be invited for an interveiw with a Careers Adviser (CA). Having a interveiw will give the CA a chance to confirm that your suitable and eligibility for the army. The interveiw is also good because it allows you to ask any questions that your unsure about suh as the joining process and how to prepare for the army.

Step 3- Assessment

If you do well in your interveiw and the CA thinks your suitable enough then you will be caled in to a Assessment centre (AC) to complete a two day assessment that includes a full medical. It is important that you do the Army medical because it makes sure you are medically fit and ready for Army training, this will include a variety of exercises to see if you have the potential to be a soldier. You will need to complete some security forms and your doctor will be required to provide information for the army, you will neeed to do this before your offer of employment can be confirmed.

Step 4- Training

The next step is you will take place at initial training where you will learn basic soldier skills followed by trade training which will depend on your role, this is only if your offer of employment is accepted. When you have finished the assessment centre you will get a final grade, the better the grade, the more of a chance you will be able to start your initial training or also known as phase one. Depending on the number of places the Army has to offer on ts specific trade is dependng on the date you start, if you need any more inforation discuss it with your CSM. If your under 17 years and 5 months youll be classed as a junior soldier and you will do a 20/40 week course at the Army foundation college in Harrogate. If you are older than 17 years and 5 months you will conduct a 14 week course at either Pirbright or Winchester. Infantry recruits complete a combined phase 1 and 2 course in Catterick. Phase 1 training teaches you abut the Army's core values.

Skills and qualities

To get into the army you must have a good range of skills such as fitness, medical and educational. You will also need other skills such as good communication, teamwork skills, self-confidence, commitment, reliability, good problem solving ability and also a good attitude. You will also be learning basic military qualities such as weapon handling, tactics, map reading and first aid. You will also learn to increase your ability of fitness, discipline, confidence and general administration to enable your work as part of a team. You will also learn to improve your basic numeracy, literacy and communication skills.

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