By: Walter Dean Myers

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"Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard." (Myers 121)

It doesn't matter where you play, it's how you play.

Slam lived in the inner city where there are a lot of drugs and bad stuff. He stays out of all this to be able to keep playing basketball, and hopefully make it to the NBA.

Greg, also known as Slam, just moved to a new school.He lives in the inner city with his mom, dad, and little brother. He plays basketball and is pretty good. The coach thinks that Slam is just another showoff, so he sits him on the bench until he needs him. He also is having trouble in math, and his teacher isn't really the best. Later in the book Slam finds out his best friend, Ice, is selling cocaine to make money. Slam thinks that Ice is a very good player, and is mad at him for throwing his future away. Even though Slam struggles through the story he still ends up being okay.

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Walter Dean Myers has won the "Coretta Scott King Award", the "Michael L. Printz Award", the "Margaret Edwards Award", the "National Book Award", and the "Newbery Honor Award".