Taylor TLI Takeaways

April 2015

EOY TLI Grant Implementation Team (GIT) Meeting

May 15, 2015

9:00 - 12:00

Events Center

Bring your laptop with a full charge

*See the section for Advance Preparation below

This year's EOY TLI GIT meeting is just around the corner. As in the close up view of the leaves in the background for this newsletter, we will be taking a close look at our 2014-2015 data. Each CBLT team will evaluate data from assessments and grant purchased programs as we prepare to start working on our plans for next school year.

CIA, Principals and Instructional Specialists are required to attend. Principals, you may invite any of the other members of your CBLT team. Please send them an invite yourself or email me and I will send them an invite.

We also welcome the TLI Evaluation Team, as they will also be joining us at our GIT meeting.

*Advanced Preparation for the EOY TLI GIT meeting

We will be following up on the Action Steps and Indicators that are key to our Taylor ISD Comprehensive Literacy Plan.

Leadership: L6

Standards Based Instruction: SBI4

Effective Instructional Framework: E5

We will continue the discussions we started at the BOY and MOY TLI GIT meetings. Please do the following steps to prepare for the conversation at the EOY meeting:

1. Re-read the corresponding section of the TSLP course (the course we do during CBLT meetings) for each of our District Action Steps. Click the links in the course for more information about any relevant resources.

2. Come prepared to discuss how the District Action Steps have impacted your campus this year.

3. If you would like to review what we discussed at the BOY and MOY GIT meetings these powerpoints will help: