Political Revolutions

Political What?

A political revolution is a change in government or a shift in power that affects the public. These revolutions can be as minute as reforming government, or as large as a civil war. Some political revolutions are peaceful and have many positive outcomes, however, most cause a great deal of damage and bloodshed to the country.

The American Revolution ~(The Revolutionary War)~

Probably one of the more well known revolutions is the one that produced a new country. This war was fought because of the heavily taxed, underprivileged colonists' rage towards the British crown. Many benefits came out of this revolution, such as a new government, a new land to take pride in, and a way to give back to the people. However many costs came from the war, many lives were lost and many places were destroyed, and countless amounts of resources used. Overall though, the American Revolution's benefits outweighed its costs.

The French Revolution

Another well known revolution is one that changed very little. The French revolution was fought in an attempt to overthrow the royal crown, and give power to its people. While the attempt fell through it was not won by the people. Many citizens died in the fighting and an unmeasurable amount of resources were used. The crown finally decided that the fighting had to stop and began the process of turning to constitutional monarchy.

Skynet (Rise of The Machines)

One of the more popular fictional revolutions is depicted in the movie, Terminator. In this film a technology company's A.I. named Skynet, becomes sentient, and begins to wipe out the human race. This revolution was named the Rise of The Machines, as the Terminators, Skynet's robots, were used in this war.