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From the Desk of Mr. Warren........

The good news, we are able to participate in athletics! It is always great to see our young men and women work hard to better themselves in another area other than the classroom. They take risks by putting themselves out there in front of an audience, not knowing how they will be received. These opportunities teach students that you can't just show up, but you have to prepare and be willing to practice if you want to do something well. That's something that we all work on and develop as we strive to improve ourselves both professionally and personally. Whether we are able to watch our students play on live stream or in person it will be great to watch our seniors begin to place a capstone on their 12 years here at OESJ. I hope that through their experience here they have learned to be selfless, accountable, and mentally tough. They will need these things throughout life, and they need them in a particular progressive order. The first must be selfless to be accountable, in order to achieve mental toughness. That's much easier to say than it is to do because the world pulls you opposite of all those traits.

As the end of their school experience is near and their time here begins to twindle, the rush of time sets in. In life, the world has created a mentality for all of us to get things done quickly, thereby always rushing. As a young person entering the next phase in life, they must understand how precious time is. There are times we all feel like it would be best to get something over with, whatever it may be. However, the experiences we have whether they're good or bad, easy or hard, joyful or sorrowful help to create the fabric of who we are. We must learn, and we must teach ourselves to slow down and enjoy the process. Every experience that our students have will leave an indelible mark on them. They will become someone that is a sum of all of their experiences. We all have a hand in creating and shaping these experiences for our students during their time with us.

We are starting the scheduling process for the 2021-22 school year. This is a very important process that requires considerable thought and investigation. We begin this process early to allow students to receive input from their teachers and counselors. Our students that are entering 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade are choosing electives and core courses for the next school year. Please talk to your child about their choices and reach out to their guidance counselor should you have any questions.

We also want you to be aware that as of February 22, 2021, there will no longer be a “fully remote” day on Wednesday. We will be rotating every other Wednesday with the RED and GRAY cohort of students. We will also be bringing Seniors back for daily in-person instruction. A more formal announcement from the district will be made next week.

Enjoy some time off and winter fun during the February break.

OESJ Girls Group

Girls Group has gone Virtual! If you are a girl in grades 7-12 and interested in joining Girls' Group for our monthly online events please email Mrs. Kelly at kristen.kelly@oesj.org. Virtual cookie decorating this month!!
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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

2/3/21: Board of Education Meeting, 6 p.m. Jr./Sr. High School

2/15/21-2/19/21: Winter Recess NO SCHOOL

Please see the updated Cohort schedule for January below with days off.

Hybrid Cohort Schedule

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9-12 Important Updates

"Hello Seniors! Believe it or not, it's time to order a cap and gown package for graduation! Please use the link in the senior Google Classroom page or in your email to place your order before February 5th!"

From the Guidance Office

  • All students in grades 7 – 11 can expect to have their individual scheduling meeting with their school counselor in the next couple months. The curriculum guide and elective video highlighting your courses for the 2021 – 2022 school year will be available in the near future. Go to oesj.org, the Jr/Sr high school link and then the guidance office page on the right of your screen.
  • Twenty-five week grades are due to guidance on 3/7/21. Students are encouraged to ask their teachers when is the last day the teacher is willing to accept work for this 5 weeks.
  • Current Grade 8 students – Reminder…PTECH application deadline is February 28, 2021. Interested students should apply at hfmboces.org/ptech-applynow
  • Attention 10h graders – if you are interested in CTC program next year, please consult the CTE Google meet schedule of CTE programs sent to via email from Mrs. Baker.
  • Attention 11th grade students – Reminder…if you are interested in the CTC next year be sure to attend the senior only program Google and Zoom meets scheduled for later this month. Links can be found in your guidance classroom.
  • Juniors - please be sure to read the announcement in your guidance classroom if you are planning to take the SATs this spring.

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