Grade 7 IBT - Open House

Welcome Parents!

It's Going to Be an Exciting Year!

Thank you for visiting us and our SMORE to learn about your child's grade 7 IBT program this year. We are happy to share our mission and vision as well as provide you with useful resources to help support your child's learning and success.

Since the purpose of this evening is a "meet and greet" and not intended for interviews, if you would like to discuss your child's progress or other concerns, we invite you to contact either of us at any time throughout the school year.

The Program

Who We Are

Your Teachers

Ms. S. Coit:

  • IS for 7I
  • French for 7I and 7J

Mrs. L. Giannini:

  • IS for 7J
  • Language (Reading and Writing) for 7I

Mr. R. Giroux:

  • Music for both IBT classes

Mrs. T. Corry:

  • PhysEd for 7J
Mr. Pitblado:

  • PhysEd for 7I

Mr. M. Forestieri:

  • Health for 7J

Big Ideas and Guiding Questions

Term 1: Accountable Canadians

"How do Canadian Ideals Affect Corporate Behaviour?"

Term 2: Accountable Corporations

"How do Corporate Behaviours Affect the World Around Us?"

IBT Concepts