By: Jade Mikalauskas

Region of Texas in which they lived

The Wichita tribe lived between the Coastal Plains and the North Central plains.

Type of food they ate

The Wichita women worked together to grow crops like corn, beans, squash and pumpkins. The Men hunted deer, small game, and seasonal buffalo. The Wichitas also collected fruits and nuts to eat.

How their food was obtained

The Wichita's were hunters and grew food on crops.

Type of dwelling they lived in

They were not nomads they lived in houses and villages with grass outer coverings. They lived in teepees but shorter and made of smaller buffalo hides.

Weapons and/or tools they used

Wichita hunters used bows and arrows, and men fired their bows or fought with war clubs and hide shields when there was a war.

Special traditions they had and/ or Religion

The Wichita Indians did Horn dances and Gift dances. They had foot races that the whole tribe joined in. The religious leaders were called Shamans, they believed in natural forces around them like water and be able to heal the sick.

Organization of Leadership

Each Wichita band was led by its own chief, who was chosen by a tribal council. Today, the Wichita tribe is governed by council members who are elected by all the tribal members.

Where are they located now or what became of them

The Wichita tribes moved south from Kansas to the Red River making a large village on the north side of the River at Petersburg, Oklahoma.

Unique Fact or characteristic

The "Wichita" means tribal town.