Articles Of Confederation

Krystavan Jordan

Fright From Government

The reason why the Government was too weak, because they didn't want to be just like the King, because he treated them poorly and they didn't want to make a Government that was like the Kings.

Shay's Rebellion

It's when people rebelled against the Laws at the time and the main people were Farmers, and they were mainly targeting Tax Collectors and the protest was active form 1786-1787. They were tired of being charged and the people who was charging them knew that they couldn't pay for the taxes coming from Tax Collectors and then many Farmers then depended on Slavery.
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The Weaknesses Of The Articles

They Didn't have a stable government just yet and the people who was present in the several meetings were people who were rich and could pay their taxes with no problem. The Great Compromise was inspired by this, due to many people who had insufficient funds to pay for any other expenses.

The Strengths Of The Article

Even though there was many people with no funds there was the people with enough income to call rich and they were able to attend meetings and be apart of the decisions made and Roger Sherman introduced something that solved most of their problems.
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