Cyber Bullying

Think before you post.

The effects of cyber bullying.

Not only will teens try to hurt themselves and try to cause damage, the person bullying would be in a load of either school trouble or in legal trouble even sometimes both. In the end was that mean and nasty post about someone worth someone getting hurt and someone in trouble.

Think about what you're typing before you post.

Cyber bulling is a main cause on why teens hurt or kill themselves. You can help stop the spread and doing of cyber bulling by thinking about what you post before you post it and how it would effect anyone, and reporting any cyber bullying that goes on around you.

Cyber bullying needs to be stopped.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is when someone who is rude or nasty to another person online or posts rude or embarrassing posts about them.

Methods to use if you are being cyber bullying.

Try to avoid or ignore that person or if things are getting way out of hand then you should tell and adult or the the police.