Haber News

September 8, 2015

Class Tags

So far students have earned 3 rewards for their good behavior as a class! After a class meeting, students decided that they needed a challenge when it comes to earning their rewards. Students are now working to get 15 class tags to earn ice cream sundaes.

A big focus will be on transitions. We struggle on moving from one activity to the next without talking.


Our focus for reading has been identifying main idea and the supporting details. We have also begun our work on writing about our reading. Students will be expected to do a great deal of writing about their reading.


We will not be starting a new unit this week due to the shortened week. Each week your child will bring home a list of words that focus on specific greek and latin roots. The purpose of the list is to give students real examples of words with the focus greek and latin roots. It is NOT a spelling test. Students will be assessed over their knowledge of the greek and latin roots. This skill will help enable students to determine the meaning of unknown words.


In math this week we will continue to work on multiplying whole numbers. Students will:

  • estimate products to determine if their answers are reasonable
  • look at exponents
  • use the distributive property to multiply

If your child has the oportunity at home, please encourage them to log onto www.xtramath.org to practice their math facts. Also, if possible, encourage them to log onto dreambox to complete a lesson. Dreambox presents lessons specifically for each student. It can be accessed by visiting dekalbcentral.net. Click on the media centers link then click on McKenney-Harrison. You can also click on the following link https://play.dreambox.com/login/sz5f/mckenneyharrisone

IF you have an ipad you can enter this school code:



Students have been working on their personal narratives. Students will:

  • Read with a writers eye (try to emulate what other writers are doing)
  • use their writer's notebook to work on maker their writing do specific things
  • stretch out the tension or problem by telling it bit by bit
  • write about actions or images that produce specific emotions
  • write so their characters have a role that connects to and furthers the larger meaning of their story
  • examine the use of commas and use them to make their writing more exact


Friday, Sep. 11th, 8pm

601 Noble Drive

Fort Wayne, IN

The day is almost here! We have been preparing for the past several weeks. Students are very excited!

Sack lunches are needed. If you indicated that your child will need a lunch, the school will provide for them.

Dates to Remember

  • 9/8-9/11 UNITY WEEK

Tuesday - Everyone Counts (wear something with a number)

Wednesday - Superheros are super friends (dress like a super hero)

Thursday - Put bullying to sleep (wear pjs)

Friday - McKenney Day (wear your McKenney-Harrison gear - blue and gray for those who do not have McKenney wear)

  • 9/11 BizTown
  • 10/1 Inservice - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  • 10/2 Fair Day - NO SCHOOL
  • 10/12-16 FALL BREAK
  • 10/23 Picture Retakes

Specials Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Thursday - Library

Friday - Gym