Remote Learning Tips


New GSuite Shortcut

Check out the tip below to quickly start a new Doc, Sheet, or Slide ( worked for me, too). Just type in the search bar at the top. Or, check out this Chrome Extension to do the same thing. Easily start a new file without opening Google Drive!
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Screencastify Shortcuts

Make recording with Screencastify with these shortcuts. The first three are my most used, but here's the complete list.
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More Ways to Use Flipgrid

I love Flipgrid-thanks Stacey J for introducting me to it! This week, Free Tech for Teachers posted 7 ways to use Flipgrid. I love the quesion of the day idea-what a way to connect with your students daily (in an asynchronous way) during remote learning. It's quick and easy.The guest speaker idea is pretty cool, too. And, if you want something to do this last week, have your kids submit a review of a book they've read lately (or another old favorite) here! That idea is mentioned by Richard Byrne, too, on his post!

Check out the Mixtape option below. That would also be a cool way to wind down the year-by celebrating the "greatest hits" of the school year!

How to Create a Flipgrid Mixtape

My Favorite Reads This Week

Online Help for Staff and Students

I've added info to the Link page on the MRHS Website. These are both "Featured Links" on the MRHS Links site. If you think of something students may need, please let me know, and I'll add it to the student page.

My Office Hours

Staff is free to email me anytime, and I'm happy to chat over the phone or do a video chat, too.

For students, I've posted this on the library website:
  • Online Office Hours for Mrs. LaRue: 9:00-10:00 am and 2:00-3:00 pm, Monday-Friday
  • You can also e-mail if you need help with your password, using any of our online resources, or if you'd like to set up a video call for one-on-one help. Get quick tech help here.