The Timeless Times

Kelly Dolgner

The Fog Line in the Mountains

The morning of March 28th in Oceanside, California seems like a place of mysticality to these lucky Californians. A thick, beautiful fog has locals ecstatically peering outside their windows. Some were taking pictures and videos of the fog that seems to give the mountains a beautiful sense of wonder. Brian Dolgner exclaims it as, "The Fog-Line in the Mountains."

The clouds lowered to such a level that kept people in wonder of the amazing qualities of the world. It may not have lasted long, but the event will leave people with the beautiful images in their minds.

The fog was a part of a storm that was brewing. It may have been beautiful at first, but dramatically turned into a large storm.

The Rollercoaster of Science

Recently, Ms. Swinford's second hour science class has been getting together in her classroom one day a week during science class and occasionally during lunch. The class is divided into teams of four to work on roller coasters.

This is to help the students learn more about motion and the forces that are applied. The students ascertain how the forces are applied on the marble and how to make the roller coaster to keep the marble moving. One student says, "The process is quite frustrating, due to lack of work from team members, but other than that, it's all right."

The grading for this event will take place on Friday, April 24th. Students will be based on the number of loops, the length of the roller coaster, and how much of the track is open. As well as engineering and safety of the roller coaster. The students are all hoping to do well at the final grading.

Hula Hoops in Aquarius

Students in Aquarius took part in a hula hoop circle on Friday, June 6th, in the east gym. The hula hoop circle was a part of a stride activity. The students lined up in a circle with their hands linked together. The objective was to get the hula hoop around the circle using teamwork.

The students had to wriggle through the hula hoop without letting go of the other peoples hands. The kids all seemed to have a lot of fun with this activity.