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February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Party

We had so much fun passing out valentines and eating delicious snacks! Thanks very much for all your work at home decorating boxes and addressing valentines. A big thanks also goes out to those who brought in treats for the class to enjoy!


This week has been a lot of practice writing equations with word problems. We have only gotten to single-step word problems, and we will work our way to multi-step. We took our first Quick Quiz of the unit!

The students learned about comparison bars with multiplication and division word problems. It is a great strategy for those students who are very visual and like to draw a picture to see which operation they need to choose. Comparison bars involve groups of numbers with the same units (groups of 3, 7, 10, etc.) so it can be easily seen what the difference is between the two quantities. There is an example of a comparison bar below. A lot of students decided that this was a strategy they could see themselves using throughout the rest of this unit.

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Social Studies

We started a project this week in which students were researching and presenting information about other Native American people that may still live here in Wisconsin today. The 4 major tribes we researched were Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Menominee, and Ho-Chunk. Each student was responsible for choosing their own creative way to present the information. I showed them a website called "Emaze", which is a creative way to present a power point. Rather than having individual slides that they change while presenting, this moves around the computer almost as a maze to go from one slide to the next. I provided a link to the sample I created.

Language Arts From Mrs. Edwards


This week in reading we have been mainly focusing on preparing for our Forensics competition. The students started small practicing with one ‘coach’ then moving to a small group of four for an audience, and soon they were in front of their entire Pod. Finally, on Wednesday they were able to stand up in front of the entire class and share their hard work. It shows who was able to take some time and practice at home. Thank you for your support! On Thursday, the classes voted. The top 10 have been chosen from each classroom. Ask your child how it felt to perform in front of a their class.

As a reminder, Book Club books should be coming to school with your child. As I pull students for their reading test this week and next week, your child may have time to read in class and prepare for their Thursday meeting.


In writing we continue to struggle through our personal essay. This week most students were able to type out their essay, making it their third draft. The students then received a “Essay Recipe Sheet” which laid out what should be in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. This was an eye opener for some students and a great editing opportunity to make their corrections or add the items missing. We also took the time to exam a former student’s personal essay. The students were great critics. Now they need to use that knowledge and check to see if their own essay fits their own criticisms. Those who are finalizing their final draft, were able to look at the rubric for the assignment and a checklist to make sure their essay is the best they can make it!

During our final half hour of the day, we will be focusing on a book study reading Touching Spirit Bear, by our visiting author, Ben Mikaelsen. We will be doing a mixture of reading, including sending a chapter or two home to read as homework. This is for the students to accomplish finishing the book before he visits, as well as read collaboratively a book as a class. Please don’t hesitate to read the chapter with your child. The level is more difficult for some, and I would hate for students to be discouraged with the comprehension.

Read to Succeed and Scholastic Book Orders Due

Friday, Feb. 19th, 12am

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