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Week Ending Sept. 19 2014

Growth Mindset

This week I had the opportunity to speak with a student who had made some poor choices. Something this student said during our conversation really stuck out to me. I asked him a very typical question, "What can you learn from this?" He responded, "I can think about how I can make a better choice the next time I have this problem". That might seem like a standard reply, but it said something more to me. It demonstrated the development of a growth mindset.

Haven't we all found ourselves in this position at times? I know as a teacher, there were days when my lessons went totally great! Everything flowed, the students learned, and I felt like I was walking on clouds, having really seen the light bulbs go off and proud of the way I had designed the learning for my kids that day. Other days, things were a complete flop! They didn't get it....my activity was either too long, or too difficult, or not quite enough for them to reach the place I had planned for them to reach that day. And there I would sit, thinking...well, that didn't go over well!

In my current role, I have had the same types of days! Sometimes I do things and think, Wow! I did great there! Other times, I think the same thought that this young man had. "How can I do better the next time"?

There is nothing wrong with having those moments. As a matter of fact, I think those are the important moments because they lead to growth. If we are willing to experience the feeling of failure, if we are willing to embrace those mistakes as the learning opportunities they are, we can maintain a growth mindset that moves us forward and improves us as educators, as teachers, as leaders, as parents, as significant others...as friends.

What mistakes or mishaps did you experience this week? When you think of them, do you feel bad, or embarrassed, or frustrated? What if you could instead turn that around and feel grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn? What if we all decided to honor ourselves by embracing failures as part of our own personal learning path...just like we do for kids?

I am truly grateful to work in and be a part of a culture that promotes risk-taking and honors mistakes and failures as steps toward growth. Here's to all the mistakes and mishaps we make. Learning is a glorious journey.....and a messy, ongoing adventure. I am honored to share it with you all!

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Here is an online quiz for students (and adults) that measures growth mindset by asking you to respond to various statements. Are you more growth or fixed? How about your students? Find out by visiting the site below and taking the quiz!

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