Kokanee Library Newsletter

February 2016

Kindness is Cool!

Thank you to all students who participated in our February Kindness Pledge in conjunction with the PTA. Students were asked to make a kindness pledge on a heart and hang it on the library bulletin board. Feel free to check it out next time you drop off your classes!

What's Happening in the Library this Month?

Last Call for Nonfiction Book Requests!

This a last call for any teachers who are interested in adding books or topics to my nonfiction book order this month. If there are topics that you like to cover in class and would like some additional resources for your project or topic in the library let me know by filling out this short Google survey below!


Spring Book Fair is Coming!

The Spring Book fair is scheduled for the first week in April (4th-8th). Just like in the fall, we will have book request slips for teachers to fill out for any patrons who want to buy a book for you! We had many teachers get books from parents but also had quite a few parents who wanted to buy a book for you but there was nothing filled out. Mark your calendars now and feel free to come by the library after set up on Friday, April 1st to fill out your wish list.

Technology Tips!


A search engine that offers a reading level index for its search results. When you search on Choosito you can select to refine results to reading levels marked as Early Readers, Emerging Readers, Fluent Readers, or Advanced Readers. In addition to reading level refinement Choosito offers an option to sort results by subject area.


This is a YouTube channel that offers quick music videos that teach and reinforce elementary school math lessons.


Similar to Kahoot, Quizalize is a little different in that all students to do not have to play the review game at the same time. Teachers can assign review games for students to take at home and can repeat challenges to earn higher scores.


Quill provides free writing, grammar and vocabulary activities for upper elementary, middle and high school students. Free tools and games to make your students better writers!

Thanks for reading!