College Counselor Newsletter

School-Wide November Edition


Freshmen: Finding their place in high school. High school is different from most middle schools. Responsibility increases as well as the need to become more organized.

Sophomores: Developing their interests. Once students have a feel for what high school is like, they should be cultivating their interests. Like plants? Intern with the Nature Lab or the local urban garden. Like music? Record a 'mixtape'. Don't know what you like? Broaden your horizons and try many new things.

Juniors: Solidifying high grades. No, grades are not the whole package but they do communicate a student's mastery of subject content. 11th graders should be mastering, not only the subject, but how to get help in the subjects where they struggle!

Seniors: Planning their launch. Post-secondary planning is proving to be daunting to some and a source of avoidance for others. Either way, time waits for no one so we push through the fears and click "submit"!

Emerson Extended Enrichment

-After school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays students can choose or will be referred to stay and sharpen or develop organization and study skills. Attendance will be taken should there be any concerns about your students whereabouts.

- Often, parents and families seek guidance about how to help their teenagers. Typically, the best way to help is to stay out of the way, but in the event that does not prove effective you can also take the following steps:

1. Be organized! Develop your own strategies and techniques to help you keep your life at home and at work in order.

2. Encourage your student to attend EEE. Faculty is here to guide students towards a more intact frontal lobe.

3. Be a source of support. Don't pretend to have all the answers. Let your teen know that it's tough and you will help them in any way you can. Genuinely, thank your students for communicating how difficult the process of organization is.


By clicking this button, you agree to discuss your students progress report, in detail, once they are posted. You agree to ask your student for their thoughts about their achievement and behavior while attending Emerson thus far.