Blizzard Bags

Good or bad?

What is a blizzard bag?

A blizzard bag is an assignment given out on a day where it isn't possible to have school such as a snow day. The point of them is so the school can get credit for a day of class even though the building is closed. If over 80% of the district completes each blizzard bag assignment for each class, it counts as a school day.
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Why we shouldn't have blizzard bags

Blizzard bags were a good idea and I see the point of them, but the execution and consequences of them make the assignments not worth doing.

First, we only have about two weeks of vacation time in the winter compared to two months in the summer. Enjoying winter activities so much, a snow day every once in a while provided a great opportunity to hit the slopes. With blizzard bags, it's impossible to enjoy a snow day because there is no time.

Also, blizzard bags are supposed to be about 30 minutes per class. I spent well over an hour per class, sometimes two ours. A normal 7 hour school day turned into an 11 hour school day, then I had homework after.

If you feel all of this is worth getting out of school a day earlier to add 24 hours to your two month vacation, then blizzard bags are for you. Otherwise, I would not recommend blizzard bags to another school district.

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