Bedford Primary School Library

January Newsletter

Book Checkout in December : 1118

Pretty good with almost a week of snow days!

Congratulations to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Ponder's classes for winning our January reading contest! They tied!

Congratulations to Mrs. Johnson's class for winning for the first grade!

They blew away the competition by making a center for AR reading and testing. Second place was Mrs. Stevens' class who has also made this a center filling a tub with leveled books from the library. Remember: AR quizzes are available now on computer or ipad! Some quizzes are read-aloud as indicated by the speaker symbol on the listing.

Virginia Readers' Choice for Kindergarten!

Over the next 10 weeks, Kindergartners will be participating in the statewide Primary Virginia Readers' Choice challenge. We will read the ten nominated books for this year and then vote on our favorite! The name of our favorite book will be sent to Richmond where the top choice for Virginia will be tabulated! Last year the favorite was Cranky Doodle... what will it be this year?

Reading Makes Cents for First Graders!

Once again, I have started reading books for the statewide Reading Makes Cents program for first graders. This reading challenge is sponsored by the Virginia 429 College Savings program. We read 5 books on economics in the library and discuss different economic concepts linked to the SOLs. At the end the students take home an entry form for their parents to sign to be entered to win $500 for a college saving plan through Virginia 429. If enough students from our school participate, the school could also win $500 to purchase books for the library. Hopefully, some of the economic concepts will match what you are teaching in the classroom. Come to the library for more information!

I have pulled books for you!

In the rack by the door are books about:

  • Winter
  • Shadows
  • Presidents
  • American Symbols

Feel free to check them out. If I am not in the library, leave the numbers on the back on my desk! Use them for direct instruction or for a reading center!

Want some help with those pesky famous Americans from the SOLs?

You are welcome to borrow my famous american figures in the back of the library!

I don't have them all but I have most:

  • George Washington
  • Betsy Ross
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • George Washington Carver
  • Pocahontas
  • Johnny Appleseed

I also have Booker T. Washington, Uncle Sam and Benjamin Banneker. I am working on Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. But you are welcome to borrow any of the other figures.

Lots and lots of new books are coming in! Check out the teacher new book rack! Teachers always get first choice before students!

If you have special requests for your classroom, please contact me and I will see what I can do!

Now I need lots of plastic water/soda bottles for a Makerspace Project! Bring them in!