5th Grade News

What's happening?!


Welcome back!

We want to thank you all so very much for the gifts we were given at Christmas! We were blown away by your kindness. We are so blessed with loving families. Each gift and kind word was greatly appreciated and cherished.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 5-11: Book Fair

(Fri. - Thurs. due to Valentine's parties and a half day on Feb. 12)

The book fair will also be open from 6:00-7;30 on Feb. 9th during the Open

House and 3rd/4th grade Living Timeline presentation.

Feb. 9th: Open House

Feb. 12th: Valentine's Day and 1/2 day!

Please attempt to download Google Classroom from Self-service on your child's iPad this weekend. We are trying to set these up for each class. Through Google Classroom, kids will be able to complete quizzes, answer questions, get announcements...all kinds of cool stuff. We do realize there have been some issues, but if possible, try!

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Upcoming Tests: Solomon Bible (Tuesday)


We have started this semester with focusing on close reading of informative texts (this means reading an article up to 3 times, and focusing on the new information you find each time!) Our work this week has been on MLK Jr. We've also been working on 3 paragraph essays about MLK Jr. which will be hanging in the hallway upon completion. The same writing assignment will be in the hallway spanning from TK-6th grade. This will show a progression through the years and show off our brilliant students. You will see a new one of these each month, so make sure you get by to see them!

AR Goal this quarter is 100,000 words. Please encourage your children to read at least twenty minutes every night. I know we are all very busy, but study after study shows the importance of reading every night. The more vocabulary and critical thinking skills that our kids do, the better they will perform in all of their subjects!


It's time for the Solar System!!! We are all excited about this. Here's what we are doing...

-Solar System Model (a hard copy of the rubric is in their FRIDAY FOLDER)

Please make sure they decide what kind of model they will make and what they will need to make it THIS WEEKEND.

This is a Test grade and I can tell if parents have 'over-helped' and if they have

waited til the last minute. :)

-Solar System Scrap-Book. They are working on this in class and it is a Quiz grade. It will

be displayed along with the 3-d model.

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We've been working diligently on ratios this week, and will continue to work on them next week.

The Accelerated Math goal for the quarter is 20 objectives, which averages to be about 2 a week.


This week we've been studying the wise Solomon. The kids especially enjoyed the story in which Solomon told the two women to cut the one living baby in half after one had died!

Our bible test will be on Tuesday. We will begin a long unit on the divided kingdom next week. We will give you plenty of notice when the test is coming :)

The memory verse for that test will be:

"Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil." Ecclesiastes 12:13-14