NEISD Safe Schools

Bully Prevention Across the District

NEISD has a multi-faceted approach to bully prevention. Each campus addresses this important topic in the way that best meets campus needs. Here are just a few examples.
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NEISD UNITY Conference

25 Unity Club members from each NEISD High School attend the annual UNITY Conference. The students participate in thought-provoking activities designed to challenge not only their thinking but their practices related to inclusiveness and acceptance of differences.

No Place for Hate Designation

This designation is awarded by the Anti-Defamation League. All 7 traditional high schools take part in the campus-wide activities required to earn this designation. Most of our high schools have received the designation for the past three years.

NEISD Seeks Continuous Improvement

District teams:

  • The Bully Prevention Task Force has been working behind the scenes to update critical information on the website.
  • The Behavior Management Oversight Team provides training related to positive behavior supports so each campus has the tools to address its own unique needs.

District attendance at State Senator Menendez's Community Workshop on Cyber-Bullying:

  • Christi Wilbur
  • Deb Caldwell
  • Oteka Gibson
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STAN Intervention and Prevention Counselors

STAN Counselors are at each traditional high school, Alternative High School and 5 middle schools: Jackson, Krueger, Nimitz, White, and Wood. STAN Counselors provide support to students in crisis through individual and group counseling. They also lead prevention efforts campus-wide through classroom guidance, staff training, parent education, and more.

Peers Helping Peers

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Castle Hills Plans Bully Free School

Fourth and Fifth grade students worked together to brainstorm and plan how their school will be bully-free!

Other NEISD Programs Support Peace

  • Restorative Discipline promotes an attitude of taking responsibility and working out problems together.
  • Safe School Ambassadors are students who are trained to intervene when they see bullying or other unacceptable treatment of students at their campus.
  • Safe & Drug Free Campus Contacts receive professional development twice per year.
  • Mentors such as Big Brothers Big Sisters help students who may be victims and/or bullies.
  • Every staff and student completes Digital Citizenship annually.

  • Students in extracurricular activities receive and sign an agreement regarding expectations and consequences related to hazing, bullying, etc.

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