My Goals

Christina Beach Springs Intermediate 2015-2016

My Reading Goals

My Reading goals this year are to make straight A's.I want to meet my reading goal. I am planing to study for tests. Also to pay attention in class. Another plan i am willing to do is to get all of my reading homework in. And last but not least i just want to sit and cuddle with a good book. Just one more to cheak out more grenres i have not read before

My Math Goal

My math goal is to be a genius at math .I want to meet my math MAP goal. I want to know every thing i can in math. My plan is to give my full attention to Mrs. Fulbright.I also want to study as hard as i can. I want to be able to WOW Mrs. Mackey and Fulbright

My Behavior Goals

My behavioral goal this year is to earn LIGHT daily.I also to want to attend each LIGHT celebration. I plan to do this by not talking in class. To be a great student if any visitors are in the room. And to be good with no visitors. I want to be a great student for Mrs. Mackey and Fulbright. I want to WOW them!!!!

My Personal Goal #1

My personal goal this year is to do every thing my family tells me to do. I plan to achieve this goal is to do what they tell me to do right away. Another way i plan to accomplish this goal is to obey them and if i do i will be able to have free time after.I want to live a happy life!

My Personal Goal #2

Another personal goal this year is to make it to Russian , Sunday School and Choir on time. I plan to do this by leaving the house 20 minutes early. It only takes 12 minutes to get to church. And if i leave 20 minuets before church starts i won't miss any important information.