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OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook Creator

Microsoft Office OneNote is a Microsoft program designed to give users an easier way to take, organize, and find their notes and information. And like a binder, it lets you organize your information into digital sections. OneNote also allows users the ability to capture, virtually, any type of information and then share it. Additionally, with the Office 365 app, it can be accessed and used anywhere while online.

OneNote Class Notebook Creator

OneNote Class Notebook Creator lets teachers quickly set up an OneNote environment for their classes. With this Office 365 app, teachers will be able to create:

  • Student notebooks: Private notebooks that are shared between the teacher and each individual student. Teachers can access these notebooks at any time, but students cannot see each other’s notebooks.
  • Content library: A place where teachers can hand out course materials to students.
  • Collaboration space: A space for anyone in the class to share, organize and collaborate.

Teachers and students can use them for lessons and creative activities, all within one versatile OneNote notebook. Student work and teacher feedback are exchanged automatically in one place virtually anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

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