Atomic Learning

Available for USD 495 Parents

What is Atomic Learning?

Atomic Learning is a web-based program purchased by USD 495 IT Department which provides how-to video tutorials on various software and hardware. For example, maybe you got a new iPad or Kindle for Christmas and need to know what you can do with it. Atomic Learning has short videos on what you can do with that new device. Maybe you are trying to help your child complete a technology project at home, but you both get stuck. Check Atomic Learning for those how-to helpers.

Other Features

  • All Atomic Learning videos include Closed Captioning, so no need to miss what they said.
  • Feel free to pause, rewind or fast forward as you are watching the videos.
  • If there are new tools students are using in class and we think all parents should know about, we can recommend trainings to you. To access them, go to the My Training tab and choose Recommended Training.

Come try it out!

We invite you to use Atomic Learning as a resource in your household and ask that you encourage your child(ren) to use it at home and school. You can obtain the parent username and password for Atomic Learning by logging into PowerSchool. It is on the home page right under the heading.
Need some extra assistance with Atomic Learning? Please contact the Tech Department at the number below.