Emerson Gilbert

Final Exam Project


Last summer, I was having dreams about the scary nightmare that was High School. Now, I'm about to move onto my Sophomore year. SO much has changed in my life since last summer. I'm happy for how my life has been affected by being in a new school with completely different people.

In middle school, you knew everyone and everything that goes on. Everyone knows who their friends are, and what group you belong in. It was so simple and it stayed generally the same through those three years. So when you come to high school and all of that is messed up, you get a bit worried.

My friend group changed so much. We lost some people, and gained some people. Everyone's personality and even their style changed as we matured as people. Sometimes I miss those simple days back in middle school but I wouldn't go back.

I'm so grateful that I was able to totally remake myself as a person during just one year. I personally think I've grown and matured, and in general just become a better person in society. I have loved high school so far and I'm looking forward to Sophomore year.

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