Thirty-One Gifts - Quick Note

February 2014


I feel like shouting it from the roof tops! You should too! If you sell 31 Zippered Organizing Utility Totes (ZOUTS),at regular price - your product volume will be $1,085 and if they buy one regular at price AND one for $10 you are at $1,395 - and then think about $5 monogramming! It's all good! Now is a great time to just focus on sales. One call is where it starts!

Red Stamp

Who's using I LOVE it! This is what I sent to all my contacts! I use it for my customer Save The Date, Invitations, Thank You Notes - so many things. And it's FREE if you use the digital version with email or FB. You can construct, save and email or FB or save to Cell Phone and text! It's so cool! There is a whole Thirty-One Collection - check it out!
I upload to for my flyers. What do you think of it? Send me your feedback!


So many reasons to think about re-joining or keeping active!!! Take a look now!!


The StartSwell program is where every new Consultant starts when they join

the Thirty-One family, and it’s where the foundation for your success is built as you:

• Earn more than $500* in products and business supplies •

• Earn $600 or more in commission •

• Earn $100 for every new Consultant who joins your team**

So many reasons to join! The products are definitely a GREAT reason! Call me and I'll be glad to talk to you about the many other reasons to re-join Thirty-One!


If you are on Facebook, be sure to Friend me and I'll add you to our Team page. It's a great way to keep in touch, get info and support! I will also add you to Sandra Dickens Elite Lineage FB Page. If you are on y FB page and you aren't already on Sandra's page too (She's our SED) let me know and I'll get you added!

Judy McCrary, Independent Director

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