These Hands are Helping Hands

Providing Effective Relief for People in Need- Mission Objective

As the people of DERD, we believe our sole purpose is to provide relief for any and everyone after any type of Natural Disaster, in any Location.

Team Members-

Cade Knudson- Pilot & Medical Officer

Max Vencill- Navigator & Medical Officer

Nick Kielson- Co-Pilot & Load Master

Mission Goal

DERD's goal is to relieve the stress of people who have survived through any Natural Disaster.

Through many long hours and hard work, our goal paid off as we were able to help the people of the Philippines recover from the typhoon.

Supplies Taken to the Philippines / Weight

3 Portable Hospitals 1,500lbs each

8 Boxes of Medical Supplies 200lbs each

5 Boxes of Mosquito Supplies 600lbs each

1 Refrigerated Medical Chest 500lbs

8 Boxes of Food 400lbs each

2 Boxes of Drinking Water 1,800lbs each

2 Portable Latrines 800lbs each

2 Boxes of Clothing 500lbs each

Total Weight: 21,700lbs + Cargo Netting

Flight Information

Using our C-130 Hercules, team DERD started in Houston, and traveled across the globe to Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and lastly Tacloban Airport in the Philippines. The trip lasted a grueling 29 hours, but in the end it was well worth it to see the smiling faces of the people we helped.
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Cargo Pallet Information

Above is a picture of what our pallets looked like when we loaded them into our plane. We had to think long and hard in order to fit the correct amount of supplies into each pallet. Each pallet can only hold 7,000 pounds, with an additional 500 pounds added by netting.

Important Supplies

DERD was responsible for taking many different supplies on our trip, the most important being Drinking Water, due to the fact that they people did not have access to clean water. Other important supplies included Mosquito Repelant, food, and portable hospitals / medicine. These items were crucial in order to restore balance to the Philippines.

What Was Accomplished in Chronological Order

  • Established jobs within DERD
  • Gained Passports and other important documents
  • Briefed on diseases
  • Learned how to operate a Cargo Plane
  • Chose supplies to take and assembled Cargo Pallets
  • Established a flight route
  • Transported Cargo
  • Saved Lives


Most people believe that clothing and blankets would be essential, but in fact, the Philippines is a very hot and humid Country. Other supplies such as Mosquito Repellant were more effective.

Strategies / Lessons Learned

While working, we learned that sometimes there always isn't one correct solution to a problem. In order to successfully complete our task, we learned to overcome these barriers.