MACS Micro-School

November 8- 12, 2021

Micro-School Updates

Week 12 is here! Our students are working hard to achieve goals and grow. Together we can help them reach their goals.

Week 12- Schedule

Monday- November 8, 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all

Picnic lunch at Mount Airy City Schools Central Office- see the details below.

Tuesday- November 9, 2021

1) Independent Seesaw Assignments for all

Wednesday- November 10 , 2021

1) Independent Seesaw assignments for all

2) Google Meet for Kindergarten at 10:00 am.

Thursday- November 11, 2021

Holiday- No school or assignments for students

Friday- November 12, 2021

Teacher workday- No school or assignments for students

Place-Based Learning This Week

Picnic lunch at Mount Airy City Schools Central Office at 11:30 am.

All students should bring their own bag lunch or some snacks for themselves. The weather is supposed to be in the 60s and this may be one of the last warmer days we get to learn together outside. We will eat together, each in our own space in the yard, and catch up with each other while eating. Socializing is important for all students and we have not been together for many weeks now.

11:30 am- Picnic lunch in the front yard and new book checkout. Students are welcome to bring a blanket or a towel to sit on for their own little picnic area.

12:00 pm- We will be building bird feeders for winter as our hands-on learning today. All activities will be completed outside in the front yard.

1:00 pm- Students will need to be picked up in the circle driveway.

Seesaw Student Assignments & Family Support

Please support your child's virtual learning by making sure they are working on Seesaw everyday. Even on the days I Google Meet with them, they will still have Seesaw assignments to complete.
  • School attendance for each day is based on 3 factors- they must be engaging in one of these forms of Micro-School: (1) independent Seesaw assignments, (2) working on Google Meet with Ms. Willard, or (3) attending a place- based lesson somewhere in the community with Ms. Willard

What If My Child Gets Logged Out of Seesaw on Their iPad??

Using the log-in with gmail access and use their student email. I will send these to you privately. There are two options for password for all student emails, if one does not work, then try the other one.

Password :


or try


Penny Willard

Director of Innovative Programming- Mount Airy City Schools

I support a variety of areas for our district including: Micro-Schools, Federal Programs, After-School and Summer Programming (21st Century), Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG), Beginning Teachers and Mentors, Grant writing and management, Digital Teaching and Learning, School Media, and overall Teaching and Learning K-12.