May Lebby: A Writer

Reflections of a young mind

I'm A Writer Who...

I'm a 6th grader who has always loved to write, I have a wild imagination and this helps me with my writing. A teacher would say go home and write a 3-4 sentence paragraph and I would write about 9 sentences. Writing is something I enjoy doing in my free time. Writing is me expressing my thoughts and feelings in a story. Writing is a strength, but in my imagination it's like a super power. Ideas just come naturally words keep appearing on paper and I never want to stop. Writing for only 20 minutes? I could write all day, well if I had nothing to do all day. Someday it would be nice to be known as an author, a great one, one to win a Newbury prize. I am writer, and I believe in myself and I think that, that attitude will take me far.

A Memorable Experience

My memorable writing experience was last year in 5th Grade. When Ms. Grizzle-Soeder, came in to talk to the class about how she wrote articles for current events. Afterwards I went up to her and showed her a few of my writing pieces, and she told me that I was really good and that I should continue in writing. When she said that it made me feel really special and made me want to write even more. That was a memorable experience that I had with writing. I chose that experience because it makes me feel special and really encouraged me to keep on working at it and someday I might be really famous for what I do.

About Me

Hey y'all I am a soccer kinda gal and I love to write. I like to write a lot in my free time, also I love my cute lil' yorkie, Jack<3. I am very friendly and a bit of a dare devil, I have three brothers so I'm aggressive when it comes to soccer. :)

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • I would like to try to finish at least one story.
  • I would like to try to think outside the box and try writing a fantasy story.
  • I think I could try to finish at least 8 pieces.