September 18 Update

Greetings Chisholm Chargers!

As we move further into the first 9 weeks of the school year, it is our hope that everyone's schedule and routines are beginning to normalize during this very unique school year. At least we are starting to see the resemblance of the fall in the near future with shorter days and cooler temperatures.

This past Monday, Chisholm students were able to conclude the school fundraiser for this year with our "A" students participating in the Dance Fit Party here at school. Last Friday, our "B" students completed their Dance Fit Party. Both events went very well and the students and staff seemed to really enjoy this event.

We are happy to announce that as a school we were able to raise just under $39,000 during our fundraiser this year, which was very close to our goal of $40,000. Below is the link to the video we created for our student to celebrate us reaching this goal.

As always, thank you for your continued support helping our PTO raise the money needed to provide water bottle filling stations, outdoor space and playground upgrades, PPE, staff radios, and other numerous classroom and curriculum enhancements. Many of these items will benefit our school now and the future years to come. We are especially appreciative of this financial support during this pandemic, as we are aware many families are currently facing daily struggles and financial hardships.

Thank you again for your support!

Gatorade and Slime Dump

Mr. Daniel, Ms. Wartley, Mr. Higdon, and Avocado Aubrey see who gets Gatorade or Slime dumped for reaching our goal.

Attendance Changes for 2020/21

There have been new state and district mandated changes to attendance this year! Our district office will be sending you more detailed information soon, but here are some important highlights you should know now:

  1. Excused absences are coded ONLY for the following reasons with Documentation: Death in the Immediate Family (phone call & memorial brochure from service), Judicial (phone call & court document), Medical (phone call & provider’s note faxed /emailed from provider or original note for file), Religious (phone call & documentation from service or religious leader), and Family Emergency (approval of letter to administrator required). Parents should always notify the school of a student’s absence with a specific reason and may then follow up with documentation within the following week. If an absence is due to an illness which doesn’t require a physician’s visit, supporting comments will be entered in the student’s record with a code of ILL.

  2. COVID 19 related absences should be reported immediately to the Chisholm Office whether for exposure, diagnosis, questions or concerns. You will receive a follow-up call from your student’s administrator as soon as possible. Attendance accommodations may be possible. Documentation for this illness (test results, dr. notes, etc) should also be submitted to same email address.

  3. Students’ two “in-seat” instruction days are extremely valuable! Please avoid scheduling appointments on those days if possible and try for remote learning days where there is more latitude in your student’s schedule. We understand this is not always possible. If your student must miss for an appointment, please be sure to get documentation!

  4. Instruction is expected to begin when the class bell rings. Students who arrive after this time are considered tardy. Tardies are only excused for the same reasons an absence would be excused. Three (3) unexcused tardies equal one (1) absence. Early out is defined as leaving class or school before the instructional time has ended. Three (3) unexcused early outs equal one (1) absence.

  5. For the complete Edmond Public Schools Attendance Policy, visit>Menu>Parents & Students>Policies & Procedures>Students>Attendance

  6. Please always leave a voice mail if you reach the Chisholm message or send an email to student’s teacher. We want to talk to you and will follow up or return your call as soon as possible.

Remote Learning Attendance

Here are some guidelines we are using to take attendance for remote learning days.

  • Students do not have to log-in each Remote Day to be counted present.
  • They just have to have evidence of participation and logging in and working on assignments either virtually or paper/pencil. Paper/pencil assignments can be turned in when they come back to school.

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Chisholm Parent/ Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 8 and Tuesday, October 13th from 4:30 to 8:00. At this time, conferences are going to be held virtually through Google Meets. Your child's teacher will be sending out a form for parents to sign up for a conference time. Those forms should be emailed out next week.
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When Using IXL

Be sure to ether login into IXL directly or through the Clever. Your child will know they are logged in when they see their name on the top right corner of the screen.

Upcoming Events

October 1st - Restaurant Night - Papa Murphy's

October 12 - PTO Meeting - 9:00 in the cafeteria - Email if planning to attend. We have limited space.

Fall Break - October 15 - 19 (No School)