Come Visit Australia Today!

Australia and it's sights, views and tourist destinations.

Australia is well known for it's views, sights and tourist destinations such as Uluru Rock, Mt. Ainslie and many mountain lookouts. They are beautiful, mesmerizing places and will be around for many more years to come. We also have famous rainforests like the Daintree.

A little bit about the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland.

The Daintree rainforest has the rare Cassowary, Native Hydrangea, Green Tree Frog, Hairy Aglaia and many other flora and fauna species.

Some of the views, sights and tourist spots

Here in Australia we have three levels of government; Local, State and Federal.

What the Local, State and Federal government do.

The Local government takes cares of roads, build and maintain local areas such as parks,take care of our waste and recycling, making sure new buildings, houses etc. are being built, providing libraries, playing fields and lots of recreation facilities like those and they also make sure that the community is safe, strong and healthy. The State governments are permitted to pass laws related to any matter that is not controlled by the Federal government. The areas of responsibility for Federal government are banking, taxation and currency, looking after airports and air safety, foreign affairs, defence and immigration.

Everyone gets a voice.

Here in Australia no matter what race you are, what language you speak , what your culture and background is, the colour of your skin or the way you dress you will get your turn to speak and will be heard and acknowledged.

my conclusion:

All of the reasons listed above are some of the points why you should come to Australia

to visit our marvellous sights and help Australia grow not as a country but as a multi-cultural nation.