Homer Head Start News



3/25- Healthy Choices in Early Childhood Learning For Parents Lecturer Chelsea White 6:30pm at Kachemak Bay Campus

28 12:45-2:00pm Kindergarten Round Up at Paul Banks (Parent and child are invited to visit the three kindergarten classes.)

Head Start will go on a field trip to Paul Banks but we will not be able to visit the classrooms.

3/31- Scholastic Orders are due, checks only please.

4/3 10-11 Field Trip to Paul Banks Elementary School (we will visit the playground and the hallways, we will not be going into classrooms) Parent Volunteers are needed!

4/10- 10:30 Horse Rides at Head Start

In The Classroom: Building a City

We have been working on a long term project in the classroom. We are building a city! We first started by talking about different projects the children were interested in, they chose to build a city. We then talked about what kinds of things are in a city, fire station, roads, the boat harbor etc. We then discussed different names for our city, narrowing it down to five and voting. Our city has been named Rainbowdash Homer Alaska. After the name was chosen we started talking about maps, what goes on a map; we then drew our own map of Rainbowdash Homer Alaska. Children have been covering tissue boxes with white paper and then decorating them to become stores, houses, barns and airports. We put together two tables and our city is beginning to take form in 3D, ask your child to show you our city or tell you about it. Everyone has played a part in this long term project and it will continue to develop until the end of the year.